Your Walking Tour Guide

David Campbell

David Campbell, walking guide at Mornington Peninsula Guided Walks

David Campbell started Mornington Peninsula Guided Walks in August 2018 simply from a love of bushwalking.

A native Tasmanian, David now lives on the Mornington Peninsula and routinely walks its many beautiful tracks. He has walked (and continues to walk) most of Tasmania’s wilderness areas and has enjoyed bushwalking overseas – notably in New Zealand and North America.

David knows every inch of the Two Bays Track and most of its offered side walks, he is a sensible and accomplished walker and holds the requisite bush and first aid skills essential to remove any of the worry intended walkers may have in undertaking the walk.

About our guided Mornington Peninsula walking tours

Walk group sizes start from one through to a maximum of nine walkers (ten including the guide). Special consideration may be given to larger walking groups and discounted fees apply to charity and club fundraisers.

All Two Bays Walking Track walks, or sections thereof, follow a North to South route from or close to Dromana/Arthurs Seat and terminating to or close to Cape Schanck.

Car shuttling and pooling is necessary as car/s must be left at the destination point of the walk prior to all walkers driving to the start of the walking tour.

Make your walking intentions known to your guide by completing and sending your Enquiry to Mornington Peninsula Guided Walks.

Your walking tour guide carries the mandatory first aid kit, emergency latrine needs, PLB (Personal Locator Beacon) and a fully charged mobile phone for each walk and this is supplemented with:

  • Drinks/Water,
  • Delicious food, and
  • Spare clothing (eg waterproofs and layering).

Refreshments, cheeses and dips are provided to all walkers at the end of your walk in addition to a digital photograph of your group to record your achievement.

Read on and complete the attached Enquiry and Booking Form to make a date with Mornington Peninsula Guided Walks.