The full 26.5km walk is outlined in the below maps (topographical and altitude) extending from point A to point F.
Both maps uniquely display the identical walk in different formats.
Point A through F offer walk choices.

Points A through F
offer walk choices

For the walking purists, the Two Bays Walking Track unequivocally stretches from Point A to Point F in a 26.5km total walk length.  The first 3kms take you to an elevation of nearly 300m above sea level, to Point C at Seawinds Gardens atop Arthurs Seat.

Commencing the walk at Point B shaves 1km off the first 3.3km climb. You head straight into bushland from this starting point, having avoided the first kilometre or so of what is principally bitumen.

You still enjoy a climb from this starting point but more of a 200m climb only from here to Seawinds Gardens at Point C.

It can be daunting when confronted by a climb at any part of a bush walk, let alone straight away with little to no breathing or walking rhythm having yet kicked in.

While some walkers prefer to set an early pace to get their rhythm, a good many walkers prefer to cruise their way into a walk. That’s why Point C at Seawinds Gardens is an alternative walk commencement point.

The Altitude map clearly indicates Seawinds Gardens as the highest point on the Two Bays Track.  From there the remaining track is a combination of downhill, undulating and flat with most of the elevation off Arthurs Seat ambling between 175m and 75m in altitude – and very comfortable!

Walking groups with walkers at varying levels of fitness may choose to split the start of their walk, with those walkers not keen for an early climb waiting around an hour at the scenic Seawinds Gardens until joined by the rest of their walking party who have set off uphill from either Point A or Point B.  All walkers can then continue together along the track from there.

For walkers considering a two day walk of the entire Two Bays Walking Track, then Point D at the 10km mark of the walk (or at the end of Hyslops Road)  is an ideal stopping point for Day 1, and the return and starting Point for Day 2.

Refer to Best of the Two Bays, Pick of the Two Bays and Other Recommended Mornington Peninsula Walks for structured 10km to 18km day walks.

Point E, Bushrangers Bay Car Park, is for many walkers about as far as they want to walk for one day. This location is approximately 18kms from Seawinds Gardens, of course further again from Point A (21kms) and Point B (20kms). At this stage feet can be feeling a little sore, and bodies a little weary with the enthusiasm to walk those final 5.5kms to the Cape Schanck lighthouse a little hard to find.

This final stretch of the Two Bays Walking Track is beautiful, and is in marked contrast to the previous sections, skirting coastal eucalypt forest and farmland before opening into a clifftop walk with breathtaking views of Bass Strait until you reach the lighthouse car park.

The 5.5km walk from Bushrangers Bay to Cape Schanck lighthouse is a highly populated walk any day of the year with most walkers choosing to walk the 11km return trip from either starting point as a stand-alone walk, and in isolation to the greater section of Two Bays Walking Track.

The aforementioned is intended to provide interested and potential walkers with walking options dependent upon each person’s ambition, health and fitness and level of comfort.

The overriding, all important, essential outcome that Mornington Peninsula Guided Walks sets out to achieve is quite simply enjoyment!

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