Walk Preparation

Prior to your walk you:

  • Have completed your Enquiry (walk group leader only) and follow up Booking  (all walk participants, including the walk group leader) form confirming the date, time, size of walking party and starting location of the walk.
  • Know where and at what time you are to meet your guide, with the agreed number of motor vehicles for your walking party, to facilitate carpooling/ car shuttling.
  • Have paid your group walk fee in full and ensure all walkers have provided their consent to Mornington Peninsula Guided Walks Indemnity Agreement – Waiver & Release.

On the day of your walk you will ensure:

  • Your entire walking party is ready, with the requisite number of motor vehicles, at the location as agreed with your guide, at the agreed time.  Motor vehicle(s) will be left at this location as other motor vehicle(s) will car shuttle ALL walkers to the agreed commencement point for your walk.
  • Each walker brings with them – and leaves inside the destination motor vehicle(s) – a complete change of clothing and a dry towel.
  • You are wearing / carrying the prescribed mandatory clothing, as listed below, on your walk.

Every walker is responsible for ensuring they have the requisite clothing on the day of their walk. You must advise your guide prior to the walk if you require any of the below clothing items so these items will be available to be loaned to you on the day.

Weather conditions on the day of the walk will determine the necessity or combination of the first four items on the below list (your layering) and your guide will discuss with you further any other recommended clothing based on seasonal conditions you are planning to walk in and/or weather conditions likely to be prevailing the day of your proposed walk including suggested additions to or omissions from the below list.

Forecast inclement weather for the day of your proposed walk may result in a re-scheduling of the walk to another date for no additional fee.

The following list of clothing is very comprehensive, this list is essential for every participating walker to bring with them on the day of their walk, to ensure walker comfort and safety are maximized – and is as follows:

  1. Singlet x 2 (1 x spare) either cotton or recommended fabric.
  2. T Shirt x 2 (1 x spare) either cotton or recommended fabric.
  3. Long sleeved shirt x 2 (1 x spare) either cotton or recommended fabric.
  4. Windcheater, as warm and as light weight as possible.
  5. Watertight plastic bag for spare clothing.
  6. Waterproof or water resistant jacket, light weight, (waterproof pants optional).
  7. Underwear x 2 (1 x spare) either cotton or recommended fabric.
  8. Pants, jeans, shorts – whatever is most comfortable and minimizes perspiration.
  9. Walking boots or a solid/rugged pair of strong soled runners – aim for comfort.
  10. Socks (1 x spare pair is optional).
  11. Sun hat
  12. Walking poles (optional)
  13. A Back Pack is NOT mandatory.

Other mandatory items for your walk:

Your guide will be responsible for ensuring, in addition to every walker having sufficient suitable clothing with them on the day of your walk, that the following essential items are also catered for and carried for you, to enhance your walking enjoyment:

  • Food – gourmet sandwiches fruits and cheeses, with trail mix (chocolate, nuts and dried fruit)
  • Water (juices available also for some walks)
  • First Aid Kit
  • Charged mobile phone
  • PLB (Personal Locator Beacon)
  • Latrine requirements
  • Sun screen, and hydrolytes.

Your guide should be aware of any dietary requirements of walkers prior to the day of your walk and all walkers are of course allowed to add, supplement or replace any of the above food items as listed.

In addition, walkers will be required to bring their own personal medications such as anti-inflammatory drugs (Voltaren, Nurofen) and paracetamol (Panadol).

Read on and complete the attached Enquiry and Booking Form to make a date with Mornington Peninsula Guided Walks.