Walk Fees

The Mornington Peninsula Guided Walk fee structure is based on the number of participating walkers per walk group, regardless of the walking distance travelled on the day.

So, for equal numbers of participating walkers walking a 26.5 km hike or a 10km hike, the same fee will be levied on each group.

For all guided walks your guide sets aside a full day, and it may take some walkers as long to walk 10kms, as it does others to walk 20kms. Not to mention the planning involved prior to each and every walk – regardless of walk distance.

Walk Fees are as follows

Group size of 1 to 3 walkers
$100 per person GST inc.

Group sizes of between 4 to 9 walkers
$80 per person GST inc.

Fees are negotiable for walk group sizes of 10 or more participating walkers.

The total fee is payable once:

Your guide has received your completed Booking Form for the Walk Group inclusive of Indemnity Agreement – Waiver & Release consents from each participating walker (no exceptions), and

Your guide has confirmed your walk date and walk commencement time after fully understanding the walking capabilities of each member of your walking party.

Walk Fees will not be refunded less than 72 hours prior to a confirmed walk date.

A proposed walk date may be re-scheduled to an alternate date (refer FAQ’s) but only if the $Fee for that Walk Group has been paid in full. While walk re-scheduling is permitted, no refunds are provided.

A receipt confirming payment will be emailed to you within 24 hours.

Read on and complete the attached Enquiry and Booking Form to make a date with Mornington Peninsula Guided Walks.