Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ’s)

What are the walk times?

Arguably the most asked question I get is how long does the Two Bays Walking Track take to walk?

The answer is, of course, dependant on the walking speed of the walking party, which is dependant again on the participants and the number of rest breaks taken.

For our packaged walks, Best of the Two Bays and Pick of the Two Bays, our published walk times are very accurate and allow for a range of walking speeds.

Some walkers average 5kms per hour walking speed, and this is certainly an achievable speed for many on the predominantly undulating Two Bays Walking Track, however I see most walkers average closer to 4kms per hour walking speed on this Track.

At 4kms per hour the full 26.5km walk would take the better part of 7 hours walking time in addition to breaks which, for this distance, would be somewhere close to an additional 2 hours. That’s a 9 hour walk, and a very full day!

If you (or any of your party) walk less than 4kms per hour then walking the full 26.5km Two Bays Walking Track in one day is not a safe option and we would recommend undertaking one of the guide’s recommended walks or walking the full Track over two days.

If you want an honest assessment of your walking speed then mark out a distance somewhere that is exactly 2km in length. Walk the 2kms out then, without a break, turn around and time yourself on the return 2kms of the 4km round trip.

What should the walker ages be?

One other factor that is impossible to rule on is at what age are you capable (or incapable) of undertaking this walk?  Again, a most difficult question to answer.  Some 70+ year olds will be fit enough to undertake all or most of this walk, some 40 year olds not so.

While you don’t have to be ultra-fit to enjoy the walk you do have to be healthy and most importantly honest with yourself. If you are planning to walk in excess of 20kms in a day – that thought alone will either enthuse or deflate.

If you are an energetic, positive person then you are likely to enjoy a wonderful walk experience. If not, or you feel uncomfortable at such a prospect, then you are very likely not going to enjoy the walk.

Remember, the final 10kms of a 20 km walk can be a very long distance if you are footsore and exhausted.

Children of any age intending to undertake the walk must, similarly, display the same energy and vitality as adults.

Mornington Peninsula Guided Walks does set the bottom age threshold for walkers at 8 years of age, however this is open to discussion.

How fit do I need to be?

You do not need to be an elite athlete to enjoy our walks. If you already enjoy activities such as walking, swimming,  playing golf etc. you are well placed to manage our walks.

How many people on each walk?

We set a maximum walking group to 10 (including the guide).  Larger groups are welcome for charity and club fundraisers.

What do I need to carry on the walk?

Nothing.  Only your camera and sunglasses!

What if the weather is bad?

Mornington Peninsula Guided Walks will notify you within 24 hours prior to your proposed walk if forecast weather conditions for the walk date could create possible health concerns among participating walkers or at least diminish walk enjoyment on the day.  MPGW will review the age and health of participants prior to any notification.

As a general rule, walks may be cancelled when:

  1. the forecast temperature for the Mornington Peninsula is 33 degrees or above; and
  2. heavy rainfall is forecast.

Any such cancellations will be rescheduled at no additional cost.

Is there any mobile phone reception on the walk?

There are only patches of reception along the Two Bays Walk. We do however encourage guests to switch devices off as much as possible as we think this increases the sense of isolation and in return enhance the enjoyment of the experience.

How do I make a booking?

To enquire about a walk, click here and to make a booking click here.

Call our office or send us an e-mail on the numbers below:

Mornington Peninsula Guided Walks
PO Box 4281
Telephone: 0456 916 915